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Founded in 1959, Natomas Youth Baseball is the oldest youth baseball league in the Natomas area. Natomas Youth Baseball is proud to have a long-standing affiliated with the PONY Baseball & Softball.

The growth of Natomas Youth Baseball and the Natomas community since 1959 gives us a proud history.  Our history starts as Northgate Little League and is the fields across the street, the boxcar we used for storage, and, past tournaments. It is the future, like having four-generations from families in our community be a part of Natomas Youth Baseball or the hundreds of kids that participate in our league each season that is most exciting.

NYB's association with PONY Baseball and Softball provides several advantages to our players. The league has divisions based on two-year age groups, so players will only play with, and against, players who are within one year of their age. Our fields get bigger as the players grow in size and skill, meaning twelve years old are not playing on the same fields as five-year olds.

As your child progresses through the divisions when they turn nine and ten find themselves playing the same baseball, they watch on television, only in a field that fits their skills. To help develop the social and citizenship skills that come from participating in team sports, we encourage friends and neighbors in the younger divisions to sign up to play together.

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